Affordable Treatment

We strive to make your orthodontic treatment affordable, with flexible, no-interest payments that work for you! Treatment fees depend on the specific needs of individual patients.

Whether you’re looking for a quick smile tune-up six months before your wedding or preparing for a total-mouth rehabilitation, we can help make it happen with your budget!

  • Free consultations: get to know us and learn about your treatment options with no financial obligation
  • All-inclusive treatment, with retainers and retention visits at no extra charge
  • Interest-free extended financing available with minimal down payments to get started
  • We accept all major PPO insurance plans!

Flexible Payment Example

Sara and her eight-year-old daughter Hannah came in for her initial consultation. Hannah had a crowding issue and they hoped to avoid removal of permanent teeth later on. Dr. Hunter recommended an expander followed by some upper front braces for 12 months as part of her first phase of interceptive orthodontic care.

  • Treatment:  $2,480
  • Down payment:  $250
  • Monthly:  $160/month for 14 months

Since Sara’s work did not qualify for any orthodontic insurance benefits, she was hoping to get her monthly payment to a level she would be comfortable with. She took advantage of the Hunter Orthodontics’ in-house, interest-free extended financing and was able to reduce her monthly payment to just $160/month.

During your complimentary initial exam, we’ll discuss treatment options and check any available insurance benefits.